What Defines a Strong Woman?

My collection is all about celebrating the strength of everyday women. Taking inspiration from people close to me and iconic women throughout history.

For me a strong woman is someone defined by her emotional strength, her resilience her and her ability to get back up when life has knocked her down.  She is also someone filled with kindness, generosity, compassion, integrity, a willingness to be vulnerable, and authenticity. No matter what she is true to herself.

For most of us, our mums are our first female influence. I learnt and understood so much more about my own mum this year, hearing stories from friends and relatives after she died. My mum was just 19 when she met my dad and took on my two brothers, who were aged just 3 and 5 at the time. A year later I was born and my mum, this young woman had 3 young children. My mum also never complained, even when she was desperately ill, it just wasn’t in her nature. I hope I have inherited some of my mums strength of character.

So today, as I gear up to launch my new business I wanted to remember the first strong woman I knew. Do you have a strong woman who has inspired you?


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