Grown Up Pick and Mix

Jewellery is a little like wearable magic ✨

It holds all the properties that connect us with events from our past and tells the story of where we have been and where we are going.

So for me designing a collection that could be added to as we experience life’s milestones was so important. I believe that the individual charms that resonate with us will always hold a special place in our hearts. Necklaces were made to be layered, to be worn all at once letting our true personalities shine though.

As a lover of colour I wanted to bring this element through in my jewellery too – too many necklaces and bracelets are lacking that extra oompf. I love the idea of creative women making a piece their own, choosing all the individual elements of chain and charms until the piece they hold in their hands feels utterly theirs.

I’m excited to be adding a few new charms to the collection in the coming months and for anyone who’s also a colour lover – watch this space – something exciting is coming ❤️ ? ? ? ?



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